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As physicians and as a medical practice, we are constantly being reviewed and assessed by a variety of agencies.  These include insurance companies such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network, Health Alliance Plan, and CMS (Medicare) among many others.  Patient input is an important part of this assessment.

Additionally, private online rating sites are gaining more importance and exposure, and can be critical in shaping a physician’s reputation.

Patient input is also important to us so that we can better evaluate our quality of professional service.  We are committed to continuous improvement in our delivery of medical services.

Below is our in-house survey form which you can print out and either fax or mail back to us.  Fax to 248-855-0190, or email to

You can complete the form above or send an email to  Your communication can be anonymous if desired, though we would like the opportunity to communicate with you directly to resolve your concerns.

Please make the effort to rate us either in response to a request from your insurance company or on one of the online physician rating sites.
If you like us, please tell the world.  If you are unhappy, please tell us first.

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