Patient Portal

As part of our continuing commitment to technology that enhances patient care, we have contracted with Wellcentive, an information
platform.  This service allows the storing and analyzing of patient data including medical diagnoses, medications, allergies, and test results in a secure and private environment.  The program can then flag and provide individual patient alerts, such as missing immunizations, preventative medical testing, and appropriate follow up.  This data can not only be provided to us at the time of your office visit, but can also be available to you.

In addition, this data can be shared with other physician Wellcentive subscribers with whom you consult. This sharing of data helps to provide efficient and accurate diagnoses and treatments.  In an emergency this data could even be life saving.  This concept is called a health information exchange or HIE.

You also have access to this information for your review and input.  This allows you to review the accuracy of the data, see any alerts, and review your testing information.  As this is an evolving project, some information may be inaccurate, incomplete, or not available.  We anticipate and look forward to continuing enhancements.

All storage and exchange of information is consistent with the federal law covering medical data, HIPAA.

You are encouraged to log into the site by clicking the Wellcentive logo below and using a user name and temporary password that we will provide:


Additional Portals

Most of the blood studies are done through Quest Diagnostics or Beaumont Laboratory, depending on the requirement of your insurance carrier.  You may find it beneficial to use the appropriate portal if the information for which you are searching is not available on our Wellcentive portal.  X-ray, ultrasound, and other diagnostic tests may also be available through the appropriate provider portals below. 



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